Customer Service


 "Hi Tim, sorry I haven't got back to you about the brilliant job you, Peter and your team completed at our home in Traf. The completed job is much better than before. Thanks again and we would highly recommend you to our family and friends. Cheers Ann".

 "Hi PBG, just letting you know that the customer was extremely happy with you and your team and so thankful for the effort in getting the job completed prior to Christmas.Thank you so much for the outcome on this job, excellent work!”.

 "Thought I would share this good news story on one of the claim repairs we handled recently. It is a great example of turning a negative into a positive and looking after the customer.The summary of the claim is that we were authorised to replace flooring in this particular property, however on our quality inspection of the works we identified issues that we were not satisfied with.After discussions with the floor manufacturer and installers, it was agreed to replace the entire floor. The customer was very understanding and appreciative of the way the situation was handled, they hand delivered aThank You card with a gift of appreciation to our Building Supervisor”.

 "Our Insured was extremely happy with the works carried out by PBG, the building side of the claim was perfect! He rated the trades and all workers as very good and no issues with the handling of the building claim.".